NTT DoCoMo: Their Technology Level is OVER 9,000!!!

NTT DoCoMo Sign

Visiting NTT DoCoMo is arguably one of my favorite companies we visited during our trip to Japan. DoCoMo is the leading mobile phone provider in the country, and after witness some of their technological innovations, I can see why they’re so deserving of that title. We visited the company’s Research and Development lab, and one thing I can say is that the United States has some catching up to do in terms of mobile technology.

DoCoMo welcome

The amount of technology they had to offer was amazing. Some prime examples included a mobile app that can tell if your hungry or not, a ring that allows you to turn on the TV by tapping your index finger and thumb in a specific sequence, and a translator that can translate whatever you say into any language. But one of the innovations that drew my attention the most was a pair of augmented reality goggles. To those that don’t know what augmented reality is, it’s basically a type of technology that allows you to view 3D images in a real world environment. These goggles allowed you to view a magazine without turning a page, also they allowed you to view a 3D map of a city.

I’ve only seen augmented reality used in gaming like with the releases of the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita handhelds, but to see it used in such a way was awesome. While augmented reality isn’t as prevalent in the U.S., it was cool to see the Japanese use the technology in other areas other than gaming. It’ll be interesting to see if this specific product, and the other innovations I’ve seen will make the market one day.


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  1. Yes I agree with you Aaron, the technology at Docomo was AMAZING!!! I can’t believe they have things like that already put to the test. I can’t wait to actually be able to put some of that technology to use. It’s way more advanced than the things we see here in the U.S.

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