Last Day: Dai Nippon Printing (Part 1 of 2)

DNP sign

We had a busy day ahead of us during our last day in Japan. The first company we visited was Dai Nippon Printing. One interesting fact about DNP is that it started out as a printing company originally, but since then the company changed its focus to information  services. DNP is another company that’s using Augment Reality technology. Ironically enough, they’re actually working with JR East to create the app that uses 3D maps for their stations that I mentioned in the last post. I really would like to see Augmented Reality technology used more in the U.S., there are a lot of companies that can benefit from using this technology for their products.

Afterwards, we got to see a mini interactive art exhibit that DNP had in partnership with the Louvre Museum. The art exhibit was pretty interesting, there were many touch displays that showed information on some of the paintings in the actual museum. In one of the rooms, we actually one of the paintings that the Louvre donated to the company for the exhibit. There was a interactive kiosk that lets you edit the painting any way you want it to look. It would be interesting to see if other museums decide to have interactive exhibits in the future. It’ll be a great way to learn about the subject matter of the exhibit, and it would be a lot more engaging than just looking at the exhibits themselves.



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  1. Dai Nippon Printing was a great site visit and really shows how the new technologies we saw previously can be effectively used in real-life. Creating an interactive experience for museums would be something that would enhance anyones experience and it would be something people haven’t used much before. Tour guides could explain how to use these technologies rather placing it in a location in like a subway and expect people to know how to use it. I see much potential with Dai Nippon Printing’s technologies.

  2. DNP was very interesting because of it’s creative ways to interact with a younger crowd. I like how they created this vision to capture the modern day with the past to make art seem a lot more entertaining.

  3. It’s impressive to see how companies in Japan not satisfied with what they have done but keeps on developing. DNP is a printing company originally. However, they pridicted that paper might be replaced with other materials in the future, so they keep innovating other technology to remain competitive.

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